Barber Turned Barbequer: The Story of Just Them Bones

Looking for new barbecue sauce and rub to try? Well, we’ve got a treat for you today! LuVar Fowlkes of shares his story of how he got started with making the best damn barbecue sauce and rub you’ll find in Baltimore.

LuVar “VAR” Fowlkes is a Pitmaster who’s been backyard cooking since 2000. Since 2014, he’s done event cooking and he also holds a membership with the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

Thanks again to Mr. Fowlkes for sharing his story with us here at! So how did you get into barbecue?

LuVar Fowlkes: The love of cutting is where it all started. My barbershop experience was a long road, working from downtown on Baltimore Street to Ravenwood Barbershop in Towson. In 1998, I started cutting hair at Classic Cutz Barbershop where most people called me “KID.” I was a young 19 year-old,  fresh out of barber school.

I was the first barber to come into work every day. The owner gave me a key to the shop to open shop. I never looked back. I got all of my morning clients just by who showed up. It was easy money.

A few years later, I moved to northeast Baltimore near historically black college, Morgan State University. Now I was working at a 12 chair shop, where I worked my way last chair to the first chair. Held it down for 15 years. No more “KID.” Everyone knows me now as “VAR,” the crazy barber who says just about anything out my mouth. But, that’s just barbershop talk. How did you get around to making your sauce and rub?

LuVar Fowlkes: Man I tell you, everybody knows me, from the owner of McDonald’s to the former Morgan State head football coach, Hill. He told me boy I’ve seen you go from bootleg to brisket! So true. Thanks coach! Look out for my BBQ TRAILER IT’S COMING SOON! Thanks for the story LuVar. It’s great to hear about people who start businesses on their own and manage to find success. Where can we get your sauce and rub for those who want to try it?

LuVar Fowlkes: I sell my sauce and rub at You can try the House Rub, Caesar Sauce, or High Yella. All of them are great. Better yet, just get the Combo pack and I’ll send you all three. So there you have it folks. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing your story with us.

For more information about Just Them Bones, call 443-552-6362 or go to to place your order today!

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