Booth Ideas for Fairs: Why Food is Always Feasible

Thinking of booth ideas for a festival can be a challenge especially if you want to make the most profit from your efforts.

There are many types of booths, such as games, clothes, crafts. However, here is a booth idea that will surely fit into any fair, in any season, or any occasion…FOOD!

Indeed, food is the simplest and yet most feasible out of other booth ideas particularly for beginners for that upcoming street fair or festival.

Furthermore, selling meals or snacks is a great idea is really that can work to your advantage if you have the passion for preparing food.

Why go for food instead of other booth ideas?

Food is always a good booth idea for any festival; it would be the best choice for beginner vendors who would want to sell at a festival to launch a food product or trend (that is pretty much how the craze for deep-fried Oreos started).

A food booth is also a good idea if you want to gain experience in the food-service industry.

cake_slicedFood is an indispensable part of any street fair or festival. Furthermore, there are always hungry people out there at the festival so you would probably have a larger number of people who will buy your product.

Here are some tips for making that food booth idea come to life for an upcoming festival:

• Include something unique in the menu – While it is true that a food booth is an excellent idea for any festival, what defines the success the vendor, is the menu. has commented that one of the secrets of the Indiana State Fair in attracting large crowds is the food that is for sale. Among the specialties offered are deep-fried chocolate-covered strawberries, deep fried sauerkraut and the ubiquitous deep fried Twinkies.

Having something unique in your menu will pique your potential customer’s interest in buying food from your booth.

If they happen to like your product, they will return and potentially recommend it to their friends or relatives.

Voila! Your booth idea has just become successful.

Here’s a few additional tips for ensuring success:

• Setup your booth – Aside from having a unique menu, you will need to also design your booth to attract potential customers.

Decorative items for your booth such as lights, streamers or signs are excellent ideas. Having a big sign for a menu usually helps by displaying your food items.

• Samples and bulk sales – You may opt to give free samples to people just passing by or give your potential customers deals by offering them discounts on bulk sales… everybody just loves a good deal.

Yes, becoming a food vendor at a festival does require significant effort. You have to prepare and make the food, but in the end it might turn out to be quite rewarding in terms of profits.

If people really like your food, they will may even be interested in eating at a restaurant of yours. It may someday become a franchise, who knows? The possibilities are just endless.

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