Different Cooking Methods for Barbecue Recipes

If you have some great barbecue recipes with delicious sauces, then you want to make to most of them without ruining the meat by overcooking it.

The experienced barbecue chef knows that the secret is not only in the sauces and in rubs – it is also in the cooking and the timing.

bbq_grillTherefore, if you are cooking barbecued meats for the public at fairs and other outside events, you may like to consider the different ways of cooking meat.

The most common cooking method is grilling. This is the method of cooking using direct heat either from above or below.

When cooking barbecue recipes, the meat is cooked on a grill over a heat source such as gas, wood or charcoal.

The downside with this type of cooking is that it is very easy to burn the food, or to overcook it so that it ends up hard and crispy instead of juicy.

The flavor of the meat will vary depending on whether you are using charcoal or wood, and on the type of wood used.

Another cooking method that produces great-tasting meat is the smoking method.

Smoking is the method of slow cooking using indirect heat. It is a good method to use for meat such as brisket, as it is much better for the type of meat.

At its most basic, smoking is done by skewering a large piece of meat or even a whole animal on a spit and hanging it over a fire.

Nowadays there are various smokers available (gas, wood, charcoal or electric) in different sizes, but the basic idea is a fire chamber, a cooking chamber and a smoke chimney.

These can be rather cumbersome and are best moved using a trailer, so only the most dedicated smoke – cooker will consider taking these to fairs or festivals.

There are also smaller water smokers available that use a combination of smoke from burnt wood chips and steam from the water.

Some people say that this gives a better flavor as the water in the steam is continuously basting the meat and the smoke penetrates the meat to give it a flavor. Some say the slow method of cooking is best for barbecue recipes.

For those of you who like to check cooking progress by using a meat thermometer here are some tips.

Chicken, pork and lamb should be cooked on a medium to hot fire.

Chicken will be cooked once it reaches 165º, whereas pork or lamb only need between 145º and 155º. Any higher and it will be dried out. When it comes to steak, you need a hot fire, as the outside can be more cooked leaving the inside juicy.

For those of you who want to add more flavor to the meat in your barbecue recipes, then you can use plank cooking – a technique used inside a lidded barbecue, where the principal is to heat up the wood that the meat is sitting on.

The flavor of the wood is absorbed into the meat. Another method is Kamado – a style of cooking using a ceramic egg-shaped appliance, like a garden lidded barbecue.

This is not very practical however for cooking in large numbers, however, or at a fast pace.

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