Fairs and Festivals Are Great for All Communities

Fairs and festivals can be beneficial assets to the community. They promote different advantages to the communities that chose to incorporate them. Not only do they promote the community by providing a chance to make money, they also give community members a chance to accompany their families in activities.

wall_artFairs and festivals are fun for everyone. There are many different types of each. Comic festivals are a very big hobby for people of all ages. They promote the comic hero industry, such as Marvel Comics. People love to dress in costumes, reenact movies, sell memorabilia, and much more.
Another example of a fair is a craft fair. This type of fair provides vendors with a chance to sell a wide variety of goods or services to the local public. Most vendors of this type do not have the means to open a store for offered goods or services because they are not needed on a daily basis. Such vendors rely on the public being able to view the product in order to make sales. Craft fairs are a fun way to go shopping with your family in a non-conventional way. There are many different items sold and many different booths. Many people enjoy events of this nature.

Some festivals are done on an annual basis. For example; in Marissa, Illinois, a Coal Festival is held annually. The locals pride themselves in this and it gives the entire community a chance to come out and play. Not only is it good for entertainment, it helps this small town earn some revenue which can be used to purchase needed items for the community that year to help it thrive (i.e. – water pipes for the local utility company).

Schools also often arrange fairs and festivals. This is a great way for schools to raise funds when they are low. Some schools will organize a festival and have the student body work the booths. There are usually different booths that may involve face painting, donations, candy, soda, cake walks, and other games. The schools usually use this money for needs that government grants cannot cover. Funds collected can help with programs such as Girl Scouts, band, some sports (team gear or uniforms), class field trips, etc.

There are even fairs geared towards fundraising. This happens more so more in small communities. Families will get together and plan it out to include activities and food. Fairs such as these can be used to help raise money for family members in need. Funds collected may cover funeral costs or even hospital bills that cannot be covered otherwise.

Fairs and festivals of all types are welcome in almost every community. They help promote circulation of capital, involve the community in fun loving activities with their neighbors, and much more. Fairs are ideal for a wide variety of communities, whether it is for that particular community or another located in the surrounding area. They are a great way for everyone to have fun and earn some cash on the side.

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